The Tower

The Black Tower

tower, black, wizards

The Tower

You awake to find yourself lying amidst a pool of vomit, with the sickening flavor of vomit on your tongue.  Gray flecks of dust cake your lips, kicked up by the wind.  Upon gaining your feet, you feel a surge of energy; you cannot tell whether the energy is for good or for ill.

Details when perceived-

A Black tower stands before you

Grey sky, swirling above tower

Grey wasteland, craggy and rock-strewn

No wildlife, vegetation, nor sound beside the wind howling against the tower

bathed in runes and arcane scrawl

if history / religion check goes wild, this could possibly be the fabled tower of Azemand, of the lord of the mage princes. The tower was said to have erupted in a raging arcane fire, consuming the surround forest.

Tower –

  • Black stone, monolithic, with little discernable detail, 13 distinct stories

Steps lead upwards toward a door carved of the same material

There are two figures, hooded and cloaked beside the door, carved of the stone. One holds an ornate staff, the other a crown outstretched in its hands

Door opens easily, feels charged with energy, and ripples when touched

Upon entering, the door melts into the wall behind you

Floor 13 – The Wizard

After having conquered 12 of the tower’s



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